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We are hiring and accepting internships.

Marketing Director

Roles and Responsibilities: This person is responsible for generating leads and helping with launches. They may be focused on marketing a particular membership or product line.
Hard Skills: Strategic direction, management experience, project management skills
Soft Skills: Good teamwork, adaptability, creativity, attention to detail

SEO Manager – Temporarily filled.

Roles and Responsibilities: This person is the search marketing professional responsible for designing and implementing an SEO strategy within an organization. Their job is to perform page optimization across a website to ensure search results are relevant – growing website traffic, lead volume and brand awareness.
Hard skills: Data analytic skills, communication (written and verbal), technical skills
Soft skills: Adaptive to changing environments

Content Creator – Temporarily filled. Email to inquire about long-term projects.

Roles and Responsibilities: This person is focused purely on content to grow the platform. They make sure that the content calendar is filled out and schedule the release of content as well as the production of content.
– Manages the content creation schedule
– Helps to execute the creation of new content
– This is normally a full-time position but could start out as part-time (1099) content creator.

Hard skills: Copywriting, creative design
Soft skills: Creative, organized, resourceful

Automation Specialist – Temporarily filled. Email to inquire about long-term projects.

Roles and Responsibilities: This person is responsible for automating emails and responses. They handle the automation of email communication, funnels, messaging bots, and more.
– Creates and manages evergreen campaigns – Manages email marketing campaigns
– Creates and manages milestone-based campaigns within the membership
– Creates and manages AI/bot campaigns
Hard Skills: Tech savvy, Proficient in CRM software, proficient in using the tools your organization uses for communicating with members as well as the tools used for creating automation of sales funnels
Soft Skills: Effective communication skills, strong collaboration skills, team player

J.V./Affiliation Relations Manager

Roles and Responsibilities: This person is responsible for connecting with partners who could help support and promote the  membership and services. Their whole job is to develop relationships and look for opportunities to collaborate with others.
Hard Skills: Proficient in CRM software, proficient verbal and written communication skills
Soft Skills: Friendly and personable, able to connect with others and build relationships 

Other Jobs:

  • Tech/Web Developer
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Producer and Editor
  • Project and Launch Manager
  • Social Media Manager and Coordinator – Temporarily filled.
  • Coaches and Educators
  • Virtual Assistants – Temporarily filled.