So, You Want to Self-Publish.

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Consider self-publishing your book. Self-publishing a book has become a popular method of publishing in the 21st century. More and more writers in the writing community have started to share their work through self-publishing.

Whether you’re a new writer or an experienced veteran, we can help you self-publish a book through our professional book editing services.

Are you looking to keep control of your book costs, inventory, and profits? Consider self-publishing.

What is self-publishing and how do you do it?

Self-publishing a book includes writing, producing, and selling a book all by yourself.

You do all these tasks without the help of a mainstream publishing company.

This means that you get to have full control over the whole process. It also ensures that you retain more ownership over your book and its royalties once it’s officially published.

However, you do have to do all of this on your own.

1. How much should I pay to have my book edited? The price of editing a book can vary depending on the services you require. By principle, copy editing is the most expensive editing service. This is due to the amount of work involved in copy editing, which is more intensive than simple proofreading. Some editors may charge according to the word count. However, some also base their fees on an hourly rate. At a minimum, $800 should be the cost of the most basic editing service you can get for 50,000 words. The price will increase depending on what you’ll need and the editor you hire, so plan accordingly.

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Having to take on all of these responsibilities can be a lot!

At Sixth Sense Publishing, we’ll help to lighten your workload. 

It’s important to seek professional book editing before self-publishing a book. Editing your work is pretty much standard when you’re moving on to the next stage in the publishing phase. You can choose traditional publishing, or look into self-publishing for your new book. Either way, it has to go through professional book editing first. This will entail proofreading your own manuscript. Once it’s ready, you can hire a book editor or seek other editing services.

What do book editing services do for your book?

Self-publishing editing services will help catch any mistakes or inconsistencies in your writing. Since the first manuscript will naturally be prone to tons of errors, it may be helpful to try editing on your own. It’s advised to do this before proceeding to professional book editing. This will cut down on basic errors that can save you and your book editor a lot of time.

Once you have refined your first draft, it has to go through several more rounds of editing services. You and your editor will have to cut down, revise, and rework multiple times. This will ensure the highest possible standard for your book. 

This is why professional book editing is important when self-publishing a book. Readers will be less likely to pick up and complete anything if it’s chock-full of grammatical errors. Things like plot inconsistencies and messy paragraphs can also throw your audience off.

Here at Sixth Sense Publishing, we value excellence. Quality work is especially important when it comes to self-publishing a book. Our writing community will help you flesh out all the things you need for success. We’ll guide you through the whole process of editing and publishing. To take your book to the next level, you’ll also gain access to professional book editing services.