BLOG: 5 Types of Editing

We offer a wide range of self-publishing editing services. We’ll work with you on professional book editing that will help you achieve your perfect vision.

Self-publishing a book can be difficult, and we want to make that journey easier for you.

There are many types of editing services designed to target each specific area of self-publishing a book. They are commonly used in the writing community to help figure out the type of editing you need. To help you find a professional book editing service for you, take a look at these examples.

1. Copy editing

Copy editing is the most thorough and detailed type of editing service. Each word is reviewed, analyzed, and compared to the rest of the text. This ensures that the final product is of the highest quality possible. 

This professional book editing service will help you maintain a consistent writing style. When self-publishing a book, flow, and structure are of the utmost importance. Our book editors use intensive processes in order to satisfy your needs

2. Content editing

Content editing focuses on the overall theme of your writing rather than the text. When you want to self-publish a book, the content of your story is just as important as the prose. Anyone in the writing community can tell you the same thing.

At Sixth Sense Publishing, our professional book editing will help you take your plot to the next level. Our book editors will ensure that your manuscript has substance. This is done by suggesting small additions or expanding already-present ideas.

Our self-publishing editing services strive to improve your work. This is all done while preserving your personal voice.

3. Line editing

Line editing is similar to copy editing. It works by focusing on each line or sentence instead of every single word. The purpose of line editing is to improve or emphasize the meaning of each section.

Our editing services will provide feedback on possible structural or organizational changes. This will help your manuscript flow better when read, which is important when self-publishing a book.

4. Structural editing

It’s easy to overlook inconsistencies in your book outline. If you seek out self-publishing editing services, it can be easier to spot these errors. Bringing in a fresh and unbiased set of eyes can help improve the readability of your book.

A book editor will analyze your manuscript’s organization of ideas. A messy structure can lead to major flaws in your writing. Through professional book editing, you can self-publish a book with added confidence in your writing.

5. Mechanical editing

Mechanical editing services tackle the grammar and syntax of your writing. Every self-publishing editing service should work on correcting these writing technicalities. However, mechanical editing caters to your specific niche.

Every writing community requires a different style of writing. It’s important to observe these styles whether you’re self-publishing a book, writing a memoir, or promoting a business. Your voice may be subject to change depending on the audience you’re writing for. Our book editors offer their expertise in these fields to ensure that your writing hits the target.