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Normalcy isn't in our vocabulary!

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Writing is a form of therapy and expression.  It’s the backbone of communication; and therefore it’s inevitable. Natural born writers are prone to write more than the average person. They see a pen and think paper. They see paper and think pen. They open a document and reword every sentence of every paragraph.

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Sixth Sense Publishing was named on the principal that we publish “outside the box” material. Our authors not only love to write, they write with the intent to invoke new concepts on existing issues. We call this sixth sense writing. 

So we ask, “When you see paper, do you think of a pen?  When you see a pen, do you think of writing the next best seller?” We do.

Writing Made Simple

Posted by Sixth Sense Publishing under Latest News

So you are not a natural. You aren’t the best speller and your grammar is horrible. It’s difficult to write your thoughts – let alone the first sentence.  Your old friend, “writer’s block,” breathes down your neck each time you sit down to release your inner wisdom. Your shortcomings make you insecure about picking up a pen. No worries, there’s still hope. Writing is adaptable and easy to learn. Although journaling is a great place to start, we recommend you join a writer’s circle or pick up a course at your local community college. By doing so, you hone in on your hidden talent and receive great feedback in the process. The more you write, the more comfortable you become in writing. The more comfortable you are with writing, the less you get writer’s block.

Did you know nearly everyone is a published author?  Whether written for business, social media, or loved ones, majority of us wrote something that was for group distribution.

Take Our Writing Challenge!

Look down at your toes and then look at your hands. Now look at your hands and back down at your toes. Take a moment to analyze how you use each. Write 300 words exactly describing how many of them you don’t use and why you can live without them.